More Capital = More Deployment Pressure & Off Piste Investing
TheJudge March 16th, 2017

Recent reports in the press have highlighted the significant amount of growth in litigation funding capital there has been in the last two years. A study by RPC identified an increase of 55% in the amount capital available to deploy … Continued

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Mixed Feelings Over the Single European Patent and Unified Patent Court
TheJudge May 12th, 2016

The single European patent will enable a single patent registration application to be Europe-wide. It has been claimed that this will reduce the costs (it has been mooted that this reduction could be as much as 80%), enabling SMEs to … Continued

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The Rise of Arbitration Forum Shopping: LCIA Study publishes Stats – will others follow suit?
Matthew Amey December 1st, 2015

The London Court of International Arbitration (“LCIA”) have recently published their analysis of the average costs and duration of LCIA arbitrations.  As litigation funding brokers, we are often questioned by fee earners on what drives the costs of third party … Continued

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TheJudge Celebrates Its 15th Year
James Delaney September 23rd, 2015

2015 marks a memorable milestone for TheJudge as we celebrate our 15th year as a leading name in the litigation funding and insurance market. During the past 15 years we’ve been engaged to arrange the funding and/or litigation insurance for … Continued

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Do All Litigation Funders Charge the Same?
Matthew Amey June 4th, 2015

Do you believe that all third party commercial litigation funders charge the same for funding a case? A recent survey report commissioned by one the largest litigation funders suggests exactly that. The report commentary says that, by and large, funders … Continued

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M&A and Litigation Departments – LBO insurance can assist in cross referral opportunities between teams
TheJudge December 13th, 2014

Litigation buy out insurance can potentially provide a mechanism for a corporate transaction team and litigation department to potentially work with one another for the benefit of the same client. The following scenario demonstrates how having an LBO policy in … Continued

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TheJudge Launches Sprint for Smaller Value Cases
TheJudge December 12th, 2014

TheJudge Launch an Exclusive Funding Facility with Burford Capital We have been paying close attention to the feedback of lawyers and clients who have made applications for litigation funding. Sprint has been designed to overcome the three main complaints about … Continued

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What is the worst that could happen?
James Blick November 5th, 2014

Question: What’s the worst that could happen? Answer: Excalibur The litigation funding industry has been waiting for the Court to hand down a costs ruling on the now notorious funded case of Excalibur Ventures v. Keystone et al. The case … Continued

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When is the lesser of, the greater of?
Matthew Amey November 3rd, 2014

Whilst the professional litigation funding market hasn’t been around for quite long enough to label any of the pricing models “traditional”, there are typical structures. The most prevalent is that of a funder collecting a fee which is the “greater … Continued

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