Litigation risk to boom in 2017
Matthew Amey April 25th, 2017

Financial advisors must make sure their legal counsel is up to speed with the options available. According to forecasts, 2017 is set to be a record-breaking year for commercial disputes, and FDs and financial advisors need to consider carefully their … Continued

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A month of surprises follows explosive growth in third party funding
Matthew Amey October 24th, 2016

This article first appeared in Legal Week on 24 October 2016. 2016 has proven to be a significant year for the third-party funding market The third party funding market has seen exponential growth since its inception, but 2016 has arguably … Continued

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Do All Litigation Funders Charge the Same?
Matthew Amey June 4th, 2015

Do you believe that all third party commercial litigation funders charge the same for funding a case? A recent survey report commissioned by one the largest litigation funders suggests exactly that. The report commentary says that, by and large, funders … Continued

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The Dilemma of Exclusivity Periods
Matthew Amey August 6th, 2014

The Dilemma of Exclusivity Periods When Arranging Arbitration Finance Any lawyer that has explored arbitration finance will doubtless be familiar with the scenario. You approach a funder who expresses interest in funding the case, perhaps gives you a quick indication … Continued

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Litigation Funding and ATE Insurance in 2014
Matthew Amey January 3rd, 2014

Increasingly competitive use of alternative fee arrangements will be one of this year’s challenges, Matthew Amey predicts As awareness of the Third Party Funding (TPF) market continues to increase amongst lawyers and their clients (in particular amongst corporate clients), we … Continued

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Law Society Conference Reminder – Jackson gives lawyers too much to think about
Matthew Amey October 16th, 2013

Having been invited by the Law Society to take part in a plenary session on third party funding, in a conference run for commercial litigators, it was a stark reminder of how we’re living through a time of unprecedented uncertainty … Continued

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Funder or Arbitration Finance Broker? Know who you are dealing with
Matthew Amey February 20th, 2013

It sounds like a simple question and it ought to be simple to differentiate between a funding provider and a funding broker, but unfortunately some businesses seek to promote themselves as a provider of litigation funding or arbitration funding when … Continued

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Cost budgeting for arbitration funding
Matthew Amey February 20th, 2013

Few could argue that we have our ears closest to the ground when it comes to dealing with mass of litigation funding and arbitration insurance companies around the world. This gives us first hand insight into common frustrations shared by … Continued

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ALF Increases Capital Adequacy Requirements
Matthew Amey February 13th, 2013

It has been reported in the Law Society Gazette that the Association of Litigation Funders (‘ALF’) is planning to put in place a minimum capital adequacy provision of £2,000,000 for Funder Members. A meeting of ALF members is due to … Continued

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